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Dr George Tantchev

Total Percussion Competition 2022/23


All musicians interested in entering the Fifth round of our Total Percussion Competition need to submit a one time non-refundable fee of $35 via PayPal.


Upon receipt of the entrance fee each participant will receive pdf files of the Solo Marimba part and the required background playback tracks of each movement of the Marimba Concerto. Each participant is required to submit a video recording performing the concerto along with the pre recorded tracks of each movement.



  • for submission of entrance fee of $35 is March 1st, 2024 

  • to submit a video recording of playing along the three movements is May1st, 2024


Please, submit your video recording


The jury will announce the winners by June 1st, 2024.

  • Ist prize - $500

and live performance of the Marimba Concerto in the Fall of 2024 with the String Orchestra of the National School of Music "Lyubomir Pipkov" at Bulgaria concert hall in Sofia conducted by Maestro Slavil Dimitrov.

  • 2nd prize - $300

  • 3rd prize - $200


 (The winner is expected to meet any expenses which may occur associated with rehearsing and performing the concerto by him/herself. The Jury may offer to the 2nd prize winner to perform live in case the winner is unable to do it).

Marimba Concerto Competition.jpg
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Child's Play (also known as Bulgarian Dance) for Solo Marimba

Deadline to submit a video: October 1st 2022.


Round 4 - Breakfast - intermediate difficult duo for Snare Drum & Piano

Deadline for submission: June 1st, 2022


Round 3 - Drum Set Solo in 7/8, Rachenitza

The solo can be found at the end of the Rachenitza chapter in Bulgarian Rhythms for Drum Set, Volume I or in 

Four Solos in Bulgarian Rhythms for Drum Set edition.

Deadline for submission is May 1st, 2022


Round 2 - "Tornado F6"

A snare drum solo for Intermediate/Advanced percussionists.

Deadline for submitting a video is April 1st, 2022.


Round 1 - "Folk Ballade"

A four mallet solo vibraphone piece, winner of the special prize of the Union of the Bulgarian Composers.


Deadline for submission is March 1st, 2022. 

Competition Winners

A selected by jury members

  • Antonin Brjechka - Bulgaria

  • Radosvet Kukudov - Bulgaria

  • Wessela Kostova Giesecke - Germany

  • Boris Dinev - Luxembourg

  • Errol Rackipov - USA

  • Chris Tantchev - Australia

  • Iskra Palieva - Bulgaria

  • Maria Palieva - Bulgaria

  • Sylvie Zakarian - USA

  • Boyan Tantchev - USA

  • George C. Tantchev - USA

  • Dilqna Slaveikiva Shopova - Bulgaria

  • Snejina Hristova - Bulgaria

  • Alex Tzvetkov - Bulgaria

  • Stoyan Pavlov - Bulgaria

  • Maia Tosheva - Bulgaria

  • Marina Mindova - Bulgaria

  • Kiril Petrov - Bulgaria

  • George Malakov - Bulgaria

Round 1 - "Folk Ballade"

First Place
Second Place

Round 2 - "Tornado F6"

First Place
Second Place
Third Place
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